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World Weavers

Adventures of the Spirit

World Weavers first began 10 years ago, in Thailand in 2008, with the Monk for a Month program. The program provided a rare opportunity for immersion into authentic culture and traditions that were highly sought after at the time. Over the years the thirst for these type of experiences has increased significantly with ‘spiritual or cultural’ tourism now one of the most rapidly growing markets within the tourism industry.

Part of the initial package appeal was that travelers were able to gain a true insider’s perspective and insight into the lives of those dedicated to spirituality; thus demystifying the ancient traditions and making them accessible and easily integrated into people’s daily lives.

The founding principles still remain within World Weavers today and for this reason all tours are built upon an offering of authentic cultural and spiritual experiences. This model encourages personal evolution through spiritual growth; thus enabling deeper connection to occur between people and a natural integration and absorption of the teachings.

World Weavers programs are designed to provide opportunities for those that seek a deep spiritual connection, to access ancient culture and traditions. Through making spiritual experiences accessible to individuals, World Weavers paves the way for people to come together as one human family beyond the boundaries of race and religion.

“We human beings are at our best not when we are engaged in abstract solitary reflection or on our individual transformation for its own sake but when we are engaged together in the act of transforming the world.

The act of idea-generation through authentic thinking and the sustained engagement in the conversation of humankind, if conducted in the context of pursuit of truth, beauty, and goodness, will lead to powerful moral action that will engender a New World.

To engage in such moral action and to become a co-creator of a New World is to become a world-weaver in the act of weaving the world and a history-maker in the act of making history”.
– Yasuhiko Genku Kimura

Our Mission is to mobilise the human potential for transformation assisting in the building of a better world.

We utilise ethically developed, authentic spiritual and cultural tours to promote and fund positive social change across the globe.

Founding Pillars






Understanding, acknowledging and celebrating our underlying unity as human beings is central to World Weavers philosophy. We aim to create environments where people from different parts of the world can come together and deeply appreciate our diversity on an individual level and on a cultural and international scale. We aim to identify and understand the strength and bonds that bind us across cultural and religious differences. We believe in the power of uniting. 


Through coming together in group environments, we seek to create an environment in which we can inspire one another to bring out the best of ourselves. We ask the questions of “what is it that brings you to life?”, and explore how we might allow the answers that emerge to feature more in our lives and our work.
“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
– Howard Thurman 


We seek to engage in the world in a positive way. We look at how one’s passions and life-giving activities could be used in an engaged way, in service to the earth, to humanity, and to all of life.

We encourage people to identify steps they could take in their own lives, in the life of their family and communities to work for positive transformation through engaging in life-giving activities. 


Development is the natural next step in the process of uniting, inspiring and engaging. We work closely with humanitarian and environmental organisations and offer our support to them through social enterprise and fundraising.

One of the aims of our programs is to assist people to get ‘plugged in’ to organisations creating positive change, be it on an individual, local, or global scale. 

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