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World Weavers in partnership with Spiti Ecosphere is thrilled to bring you the ground-breaking Monk for a Month – Tibetan Tradition, 21-day spiritual adventure.

Our 2019 Adventures are now ready to book, get in quick to avoid missing out!

Dates for 2019 are:

1) 16th June to 6th July
2) 8th September to 28th September

Spiti Ecoshpere is an award winning social enterprise that has been operating responsible travel and community-based tourism in the majestic Spiti Valley since 2004. The area itself is located in the north eastern part of India, high in the Himalayan mountains on the edge of the Tibetan plateau. A distinctively Buddhist region, Spiti Valley is one of the least-populated areas in India. The culture is predominantly Tibetan making Spiti Valley an important preservation area for Tibetan Buddhism.

The program schedule begins in the Tibetan quarter of Delhi before we wind our way up deep into the Himalayas and the hidden vistas of Spiti Valley. The heart of the program is the contemplative experience of living in a traditional Tibetan monastery high in the breath-taking mountains. During the 6 days in the monastery you will learn about Buddhism from the source while practising the path and having a living-experience of daily life of Tibetan Monk and Nuns.

The program concludes with a very special 2-day pilgrimage to Dharamsala, the seat of the Dalai Lama. Our program guests are afforded a privileged insiders perspective to the many spiritual treasures in the “heart” of Tibetan Vajrayāna Buddhism.

Programs run only between May and September and places are limited to 8 persons per group. Bookings can only be secured by payment in advance and places will be allocated on a first in, first served basis.

Ugyen Sanag Choling is a big monastery with 60 monks. The main monastery building is new, and gives many modern facilities like water toilets. Life in the monastery is simple and basic and while it is easy for a westerner to live there it will be quite different from the facilities one is used to back home. The monastery is quite active with visiting teachers and a highly realized Rinpoche that lives at the monastery.

You will experience the buzz of a bigger monastery here – in this little society, there is always something to do – food to be cooked, places to be cleaned, things to be prepared. There are also very young monks, something that creates life every day. The monks are very friendly, and a few of them are average English speakers. If you open up, they will be very willing to talk, tell and listen.


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  • Experience a sacred temple In North India with expert guides
  • Explore spiritual treasures in the "heart" of Tibetan Vajrayāna Buddhism
  • Be Involved in group discussions, and reflections, which will help to expose you to new perspectives, challenge opinions, and share new ideas, with strictly Limited Group sizes
  • Gain a privileged insiders perspective though a facilitated experience, of cultural, spiritual and geographical treasures.
  • Support a local travel Spiti Ecosphere , dedicated to the growth and support of the region, its culture, environment and people.
  • Simple monastery rooms.
  • Non-attached toilet and bathing facilities.
  • A great Rinpoche, who is quite easy to access.
  • A very good teacher fairly proficient in English and easily accessible.
  • Daily busses to/from Kaza.


  • All accommodation starting day 1 in Delhi till day 21 
  • Meals – Day 8 dinner to Day 17 lunch (packed)
  • Transfers – All transfers starting with pick up from Delhi airport on Day 1 to drop to Dharamshala on Day 21 (airport drop not included)
  • Lifestraw bottle for all your drinking water requirements in Spiti and to take back with you
  • Reading material
  • Monastery Fees in Spiti and Inner line permit
  • Guide and translator during most sessions
  • Lectures and instruction on Vajrayāna Buddhism
  • Further talks on Buddhism and Spiti Valley, Talks with Monks, Talks with The Nono and talks at the Kungri monastery including lessons on Mandala and Torma making, conducting of the Nuangnay fasting and silence and more.
  • Day Hikes
  • Visits to other monasteries and villages in Spiti.
  • Special sessions with Ecosphere on development and conservation issues and solutions in the region.

Secure your place with a 20% Deposit on Checkout! (Please find our booking conditions and cancellation policy at the bottom edge of this page)


  • Mineral water and beverages (other than those provided)
  • Flights 
  • Travel insurance
  • Tips
  • Any additional expenses arising out of unforeseen circumstances


  1. Jaymi Lee

    Monk for a Month experience has somehow altered the way I interact with the world because it was an important part in altering the way I interact with myself. In learning & unlearning, in silent awareness & conscious conversation, in stripping back layers of ‘Self & other’, in living another lifestyle completely removed from my own, in welcoming strangers & warm-hearted devotees, on the highest place, on the tallest mountain I’ve ever stood. In everything I experienced in the valley, little facets of my disposition would surface, or disappear, or bend, or break. You know that old cliche, ‘all suffused in truth still’, ‘To change the world we must first change ourselves’. Well Monk for a Month was an enlightening adventure in the way it aided me with this.

  2. Danielle Wong

    I took part in the monk for a month.program in India 2015. This journey was beyond anything i imagined it to be. For a whole month you are led to some of the worlds most energetic places and cross paths with wise learned Buddhists for an.exchange of.culture and philosophy. Whether you are looking for a religious or spiritual or merely just a unique cultural.experience this program gives it all. Personally this program changed my life in so many ways i cant believe it. From the wonderful host to the amazing home stays, it is a personal journey within a shared community experience.

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