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One thing we can easily learn from Nature is balance. Balance between doing and not doing, between motion and stillness…balance between Mindfulness and Playfulness.

When you look around in Nature, there’s a constant motion and playfulness – birds, insects, animals, leaves rustling, wind blowing; but at the same time there’s an equal amount of stillness, mindful presence of never ending landscape – mountain, forests, water, sand, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars.

This workshop we will teach us how to re-connect with Mindfulness and Playfulness of Nature through a series of practices and exercises (yoga, meditation and practical exercise done in Nature); to then be able to incorporate Nature’s intelligence in our daily live and become more balanced in our Being.

In this two part workshop, you will learn:

  • How Nature’s five elements connect to Human Body
  • Basics of Yoga Mudras
  • Basics of Body Meridians and their connection to Gaia’s grid
  • Basics of Doshas and their connection to Nature’s elements
  • Sense walks to deepen our connection with nature 
  • Forest walks, games and insight meditations

The workshop will consist of 2 x 2hrs Zoom session and homework to do in between these sessions.

FIRST SESSION: Sunday 3 October: 6.30pm PST/9.30pm EST/11.30am AEST (Monday, 4 Oct)/7am IST (Monday, 4 Oct)

SECOND SESSION: Sunday 10 October: 6.30pm PST/9.30pm EST/11.30am AEST (Monday, 11 Oct)/7am IST (Monday, 11 Oct)

COST: US$120 (Includes both sessions)

Zoom Link will be provided upon payment

Facilitator: Irina Morrison, I.M. Yoga

After spending 15 years in fast-paced roles such as Executive Assistant and Rehabilitation Officer, Irina hung her designer suits in the back of the wardrobe and replaced them with her Yoga Pants. Irina’s deep seeded passion for yoga quickly became the core of her new career, and she now runs regular weekly classes per week, assisting people from all walks of life to improve their well-being and discover the essence of yoga. Incorporating her skills of counselling and business management alongside yoga, Irina successfully runs yoga retreats for relaxation and rejuvenation of both, body and mind.

Irina holds a Yoga Teacher Diploma (HH Dip. Y.T.), Yin Yoga Certificate, a Diploma in Professional Counselling and a Cert IV in Training and Assessment. She teaches Hatha, Yin and Elemental Yoga. Her teaching approach is grounded, based on overall well-being and a unification of mind, body and spirit.

“Wellbeing goes well beyond maintaining a healthy diet and staying fit, it also requires maintaining a healthy mind and nurturing our spirit,” says Irina. “The link between our mind, body and spirit is undeniable: therefore the process of expending our consciousness should consist of physical, mental and creative activities, as well as nurturing our spirit in the space of silence and stillness. This is a balanced inner journey, in which yoga can play an integral part in shifting the energies and activate you on your journey of awakening.”

Irina is also involved with the work of UNITY EARTH, an organisation that connects people and organisations, produces uplifting events and distributes messages of hope that all contribute to inspire the emergence of co-creative global civilisation founded on unity.

Facilitator: Sunil Chauhan, Himalayas, India

Sunil is a wandering mountain man whose heart and spirit lies in nature. He travels the length and breadth of the Himalayas deepening his relationship with nature as well as engaging in dialogue with communities to bring meaningful social change using various tools including nature based spirituality.

He has been part of setting up various social enterprises and initiatives over the last 2 decades in various Himalayan states. He has worked on a multitude of issues ranging from energy efficiency, sustainable livelihoods, enterprise development, palliative care, mental health, environmental issues, climate change, mysticism and eco-psychotherapy.

Currently much of his work focuses on enabling social initiatives to develop efficient strategies to bring collective action that can affect positive social change on the ground.

Nature based work is at the core of his endeavours to bring about meaningful change in our collective consciousness which he pursues through the Healing forest initiative. The objective of this initiative is reconnecting people to nature and bringing a more human element into environmentalism and conservation. The idea is to show people the healing powers of nature and how it is at the very roots of our well being. This is done through healing walks and retreats into the forests. The principle is to develop meaningful relationships with nature, ourselves and our communities.




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