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The World Weavers Team is thrilled to bring you the ground-breaking Mystic Express Program: A Pilgrimage Through India’s Spiritual Tapestry

For dreamers and soul seekers who feel called to India, this trip is for you!

Since time immemorial, pilgrims have traveled the Indian mystical landscape in search of a Higher Truth. Still today, many soul searchers come to India looking for growth and transformation but question where to begin the process. This trip is designed to explore India through an inter-spiritual dimension and context, delving deep into various traditions with rich historical contexts in India. This is a pilgrimage into not one tradition but into many paths such as: Islam, Baha’i, Vaishnava and other expressions of Hinduism, Buddhist, Sikh, Sufi and more– truly an “Adventure of the Spirit”. You will be guided by not only academics and scholars of India and interspirituality, but swamis, rishis and yogis who are living in their truth day in and day out.

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  • Explore Sacred Sites In North India with expert guides
  • 2 weeks of Ashram life immersion
  • Travel to Rishikesh, Haridwar, Vrndavan, Delhi and more
  • Facilitated group discussions in a small intimate group of like-minded and like-hearted travellers
  • Explore the Yoga Capital of the world - Rishikesh
  • Network and connect with members of various spiritual communities
  • Enjoy Guided Meditations and Yoga Sessions Each Day!
  • Meet and interact with various spiritual leaders and gurus

We will begin our Journey in Delhi at the famous Sri Aurobindo Ashram located in South Delhi. We will spend 5 nights here before we transition outside of the city. Each day we will have guided yoga and meditation and we will spend time traveling to various centers in Delhi and connect with an array of spiritual leaders like Lama Doboom Tulku and many more!

From our base at the ashram we will visit Goband Sadan (translated as God’s House Without Walls), a Sikh based interspiritual community of 250 people with active houses of worship of all the major religions on its grounds. We will also visit the revered Bahai Lotus Temple, a beautiful monument to the Oneness of all religious traditions. In addition, we will visit The Sufi mausoleum in the Nizamuddin section of Delhi. Here we will see celebrants deeply immersed in Friday night worship and also experience Qawwali (Sufi/Muslim devotional music).

We will then journey to the next stop of the express, Vrndavana ( as the locals call it, “Braja”), which is the holy city of Krsna and Radha and is the birthplace of Bhakti yoga (the yoga of Divine Love & Devotion). The mood of Vrndavana is that of love and this is what we will focus on learning about and cultivating during our precious time here.  We will be meeting with sages and swamis here in Braja to learn more about Vaishnavism, the Hare Krsna movement and Bhakti. He we will meet with and stay at the ashram of H.H. Shrivatsa Goswami.

From Vrndavana, we will travel to the yoga capital of the world, Rishikesh where we will be staying at Parmarth Niketan Ashram, literally on the banks of Ma Ganga (The Ganges River) in the lap of the Himalayas. It is said there is no teacher quite like the Himalayas, but we will also spend much time here connecting with a wide array of gurus, yogis, rishis and swamis to absorb their teachings and understand what truly is at it’s core. Every morning we will have access to complimentary hatha yoga classes and in the evenings we will partake in the aarti (or fire offering) at the banks of the Ganga.  

With Rishikesh as our base, we will visit Hardiwar, one of Hinduism’s 7 holiest pilgrimage sites and then on to Dehradum where we will visit the Tibetan Mindrolling Monastery.

Finally, our voyage will come full circle in Delhi, where we will have a day to reflect on our journey in India and to prepare for departures.

This is an experience whereby you are invited to open up your heart and explore your connection with the divine through various doorways and cultivate your own spiritual trajectory of love and authenticity whilst connecting to the roots of timeless, incredible, Ma India. Anyone with an adventurous spirit and an open heart ready to love and ready to connect deeper with the Divine is encouraged to join us on this journey.

Program Costs Includes

  • Accommodations in New Delhi at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, accommodations in Vrdnavana at the Goswami family Jai Singh Ghera ashram, and accommodations in Rishikesh at Parmarth Niketan ashram.
  • 3 meals daily, almost all vegetarian.
  • Transportation to and from all places of contact throughout the entirety of the trip, as well as admission fees to all the sites we visit.
  • Airport pickup and airport drop off at Delhi Airport (Indira Gandhi International)
  • Hatha yoga class most mornings
  • Facilitated group discussions with guides and teachers every morning and night
  • The opportunity to perform seva (selfless service) in holy sites
  • The rare chance to visit holy dhams (places of pilgrimage)
  • Association with spiritual leaders of the world’s sacred traditions
  • Kirtan and meditation

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  • Airfare to Delhi and back home
  • Your Indian Tourist Visa (estimated cost $60usd)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Vaccinations and malaria prevention medicine
  • Snacks, drinks, water bottles etc.
  • Souvenirs
  • Ayurvedic treatments, spa, panchakarma, etc.
  • Extra excursions outside regular program
  • Personal expenditures

Professor Darrol Bryant

M. Darrol Bryant is the Director of the Centre for Dialogue and Spirituality in the World Religions. Educated at Concordia College, Harvard Divinity School and the University of St. Michael’s College (Toronto), he has edited/authored more than 25 volumes including “Religion in a New Key” and “Muslim Christian Dialogue.” He has been involved in interfaith dialogue since the mid-1970s. A sabbatical with his family in India transformed his approach to the religious pathways of Hinduism, Islam, Tibetan Buddhism, and the Sikh traditions, and travels in China changed his approach to Confucian, Daoist and Chinese Buddhist Ways. The dialogue of the intercultural and interreligious world remains his passion. He received the Huston Smith Interfaith Educator of the Year Award in 2011.

Darrol’s Web Page
Darrol’s YouTube page
Darrol’s Facebook page


Yanni Maniates

He is currently the North American Director of the India Mystic Express Journeys and the U Day Interspiritual Music Festivals as well as the 1God.com Interspiritual Online Education Academy. Also, he is Director of Eco-Ministry, Forum 21; event coordinator, The Interspiritual Network; and editor, “Steering Toward the Omega Point: Roundtables 2 and 3: Discussions of Altruism, Evolution, and Spirituality.” In the 80’s he was the Director of an organization that hosted many major international, interfaith, ecumenical conferences. Also, he was the Director of a medium sized publishing company in NYC. As well, he has been teaching Meditation, Intuitive Development and Hermetic and Perennial Wisdom teachings for nearly 30 years. The primary focus of his work has been to help people experience the still, small voice within or as he prefers to call it: “The Embrace.”

He is the author of six books on Meditation and Intuition and three Meditation CDs.

Yanni’s Facebook Link
Yanni’s Web Page


Ben Bowler

In 2008 together Ben and his wife, Jildou founded Blood Foundation, a local NGO focusing on education projects along the border and advocacy. In 2008 Ben founded the innovative Monk for a Month temple-stay program in Chiang Mai province offering men and women from around the world the opportunity to experience Thai temple life and temporary ordination. In 2010 Ben launched Muslim for a Month in Turkey offering guests first-hand experience of Turkish Islam and Sufism, underneath the spiritually inclusive banner of Rumi. In 2011 Ben launched World Weavers, a brand that today operates spiritual immersion programs in Tibetan India, Nepal, Cambodia and Ethiopia. In October 2015 at the Parliament of World' Religions Ben launched 1GOD.com, an online platform aimed at countering religious fundamentalism, relativism and western materialism.

Ben is also a co-creator of U-day “interspiritual” music festivals and the Convergence Radio platform.


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