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World Weavers in partnership with local responsible tour operator Ayana Journeys is thrilled to bring you our new 13 day program, Monk for a Month Cambodia – A Journey Through Time.

Against a backdrop of verdant rice fields, swaying palm trees, and tinkling pagoda music, we have developed an enriching 13 day program for those ready to discover new teachings, stretch preconceptions, explore spiritual practices, and indeed ’empty their cup’.

Monk for a Month Cambodia is a learning journey in every sense – academic, spiritual, and physical. This journey is carefully crafted to assist participants in expanding their understanding of Theravada Buddhism in a uniquely Cambodian context, and reflecting on what impact this may have on our own faith and/or spirituality. We will learn to chant the sutras in Pali, meet monk-activists dedicated to supporting their communities, and delve into the intricately interlaced philosophies of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Animism in Cambodia.


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  • Engage your mind, body, and spirit in an adventure crafted to promote personal and spiritual development and growth.
  • Cultivate inner calm and a greater sense of wellbeing with an introduction to Vipassana meditation practice.
  • Interact with "Monk-Activists" and be inspired by the way in which monastic communities are working to support improvements in education and the environment.
  • Develop your knowledge and deepen your wisdom though the teachings, practices and philosophies of Theravada Buddhism.
  • Immerse yourself in the vibrant, fascinating culture of Cambodia and explore the complex continuing impact of the Kingdom’s turbulent 20th century.
  • Participate in group discussions and reflections, and expose yourself to new perspectives, challenge opinions, and share new ideas.
  • Meet with environmental activist monks, who have together formed an organisation working to protect and preserve Cambodia’s natural beauty and diversity
  • Spend some quiet time learning about and reflecting upon Cambodia's turbulent history with visits to the S.21 Genocide museum and the Killing Fields.
  • Practice Theravada Buddhism and Vipassana meditation techniques from the nuns and monks that live at the Oudong Vipassana Centre.
  • Privileged opportunity to stay in traditional Pagodas and gain insight into the spiritual practices of Monks and Nuns.
  • Morning meditations with the sunrise on the rooftop of guesthouse in Battambang guided by former monk.
  • Entire trip facilitated by an exceptionally kind-hearted, knowledgeable and responsible former Monk.
  • Any Visa requirements
  • Travel insurance, accident or health emergency, evacuation, loss, theft or damage to baggage and personal effects.
  • Flights to and from Cambodia.
  • Any kind of alcoholic drinks, hot water, cold drinks, laundry, phone call and internet.
  • Tips & Gratuities
  • Any additional expenses arising out of unforeseen circumstances


Throughout the entire adventure participants will be accompanied by Yut, a former monk of 16 years and experienced tourism professional. Yut ordained as a monk at the age of 9 and spent his formative years studying the Dhama first in Cambodia, and then at the Buddhist University of Chiang Mai (Thailand). He is a passionate ambassador for his country, and is has long been his desire to share Khmer Buddhism with curious travellers.

As a former monk, Yut will act as a guide both logistically and spiritually. He will be able to offer a great deal of insight into Theravada Buddhist teachings, and their intersection with Cambodian culture (both currently and historically). Yut is also able to lead introductory meditation sessions, teach basic “soat-moan” (chanting the Sutras), and translate discussions with monks, holy men and women, and local people along the way. Yut works primarily in educational tourism and is an experienced facilitator, so will be able to support participants in their exploration of Buddhist teachings and Cambodian culture.

All prices are USD and based on twin/share accommodation, Prices exclude international airfares.

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  1. Lyndall Baum

    Amazing. Absolutely amazing on so many levels, on so many planes. Spiritually, emotionally.. personal development. I have just learnt so much about myself and Cambodia. It’s a beautiful country, everybody should come here! Everybody needs this experience, it’s just too good.

  2. Miriam Luyt

    I booked for Cambodia’s Monk for a Month pilot program, presented by Ayana Journeys and World Weavers in September 2015. I had very few expectations but I suspect that even if I had many, the trip would still have surpassed them all. It was a truly meaningful journey through Cambodia by our ‘then tour guide’, ‘now friend, Yut’. We learnt about Cambodia’s history and its present state while being immersed in Buddhist teachings and conversation. I made lifelong friends on the journey, which was really inevitable considering the type of personality that one would expect to be drawn to this kind of program. This was not a holiday, it was not glitz and glamour all the time, it was a real journey of discovery of the country, the daily lives of the Cambodian people, Buddhism and myself. At times this was a little inconvenient but I loved it!! #highlyrecommended

  3. Kobby

    Peace fellow traveller; I enrolled in the monk for a month program on in September 2015. It was, we were informed, the pioneering trip into Cambodia, and I have to say it was quite an adventure. I do not have enough superlatives in my vocabulary to describe the experience, but that’s not going to stop me from trying. Extraordinary, captivating, educational, life changing. I was mesmerised by the raw beauty of the surrounding of the monastery we stayed at in Oudong. Overwhelmed by the openness and friendliness of our Cambodian hosts. Delighted at the amazing cuisine (I went from an ardent carnivore to card carrying vegetarian after this trip). And to top it all, I was blessed to be accompanied on this journey with so many other interesting pilgrims who I now count among my friends.

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