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Adventures of the Spirit

Experiences to ignite the enlighten the spirit and ignite the heart. We work hard with other organisations across the globe to bring you unique and authentic programs

  • Spiti Ecosphere is thrilled to bring you the ground-breaking Monk for a Month – Tibetan Tradition, 21-day spiritual adventure.

  • We are thrilled to bring you the ground-breaking Mystic Express Program: A Pilgrimage Through India’s Spiritual Tapestry.

  • Thai Temple Life

    We are excited to bring back our ground-breaking program, Monk for a Month – Thai Temple Life, Vipassana Meditation Retreat.

  • Let’s celebrate the extraordinary diversity of human spirituality and our shared passion for connection and unity.

  • U-Day-Holy-Land-World-Weavers-Banner

    A  tour of the Jordan River Valley demonstrating the power of regional collaboration on environmental projects 

  • One thing we can easily learn from Nature is balance. Balance between doing and not doing, between motion and stillness…balance between Mindfulness and Playfulness.

    In this two part workshop, you will learn:

    • How Nature’s five elements connect to Human Body
    • Basics of Yoga Mudras
    • Basics of Body Meridians and their connection to Gaia’s grid
    • Basics of Doshas and their connection to Nature’s elements
    • Sense walks to deepen our connection with nature 
    • Forest walks, games and insight meditations

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