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Check out some of the amazing organisations we work with that help make our World Weavers programs a possibility!

World Weavers Partners Blood Foundation

Blood Foundation

Blood Foundation is an education-based NGO on the Thai-Burma border. Our aim is to increase the opportunity for education for ethnic minority children and adults. Currently we serve the Shan (Dai), Lahu, and Palaung (Dara-ang) peoples in our area by providing free classes in the village setting and scholarships for children in the orange farms of Fang.

World Weavers Partners Monk for a Month

Monk for a Month

Monk for a Month is a World Weavers initiative that is part of our Adventures of the Spirit range of cultural immersion and spiritual development programs. Both the Thai and India/Tibetan experiences offer credits towards our World Weavers’ Global Citizen program.

World Weavers Partners The Ethiopia Xperience

The Ethiopia Xperience

The Ethiopia Xperience (TEX) is a travel organization with social-responsible concept. We are specialized in the most promising destination in Africa: Ethiopia! We are aiming to create connections between Ethiopia and the rest of the world by organizing trips. These can be vacation travels, but also project trips for educational institutions and professionals. TEX wants to establish Ethiopia as one of the presently most beautiful, exciting and authentic travel destinations in the world.

Ayana Tours

Ayana Tours

We are a small responsible travel company based in Cambodia that shares immersive, educational experiences with culturally curious travellers.

Ayana means ‘a learning journey’. It comes from Pali, a sacred ancient language, and the literal translation is ‘the journey to enlightenment’. We love this name, and chose it as our own, as we believe it complements our vision for our travel experiences.

World Weavers Partners

Gap Adventure

Gap Adventure – Nepal is one of Asia’s leading travel companies and trek operators, combining value and quality with premier customer service and dedicated trip-planning specialists. With us, every trip is unique to your interests: you can join a small group on a preset itinerary, or let one of our experts design a program suited just for you. Whatever you’re looking for, we will help you find it.

Our Partners Spiti Ecosphere

Spiti Ecosphere

Spiti Ecosphere is an award winning social enterprise that has been operating responsible travel and community-based tourism in the majestic Spiti Valley since 2004. As a social enterprise, it is our mandate to address the triple bottom-line of conservation, development and economies, which also forms the very foundation of our genesis. We have a commitment not only to the development of the place, people and resources of this region but also to the outside world with whom we wish to share this rich natural and cultural heritage and the traditional knowledge of healing and health.

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