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Peace Week 2024: Land Of The Rising Sun

September 15-22, 2024

Peace Week 2024: Land Of The Rising Sun is a week-long pilgrimage of peace-building across the sacred lands of Japan. We start in Tokyo, move onto Mt Fuji and conclude in the historic city of Hiroshima. This momentous event is a continuation of the U Day Festival series which began in December 2012 in Chiang Mai Thailand. U DAY Ethiopia: Land of Origins then took place in 2018 and Holy Land Living Water was in 2020. This event in Japan, 12 years on from humble beginnings, will be the final event in the global U Day Series.

Join us on this sacred pilgrimage with an extraordinary collective of global Peace-Builders from around the world for this culminating journey of UNITY EARTH’s 2012-2024 series of world-wide events.

Peace Week 2024 Japan: Land of the Rising Sun is a continuation of the U Day global event series and the final rite of passage in our 12 year life cycle of growth together as a UNITY EARTH spirit family. I can say personally that these journeys have changed me at core levels and have been filled with some of the most potent shared spiritual and musical experiences of my life. At this pivotal moment in our human evolution, we are now invited to step through this transformational gateway, where sacred ancient and future converge, with our hearts blazing open once more. Wisdom, ritual, creativity, music, healing and rich culture await us as we circle around this mystic fire for an epic final ceremony. Connecting with the land and people of Japan, we will feel the rising sun re-sparked within us, both as individuals and as a collective. I look forward to sharing this journey with you…destiny is calling!
Kristin Hoffmann


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The Tokyo Convergence

September 15-17, 2024
Guests will arrive in Tokyo at the Hotel New Otani ( on 15 September.
We will spend the morning of 16 September experiencing Japanese culture, and in the afternoon there will be various workshops and networking gatherings available at the hotel.

September 17th is the Tokyo Convergence, 9am – 2.30pm.
UNITY EARTH’s Convergence Events have happened around the globe since 2015, starting in Crestone, Colorado. Since then significant events have happened in New York, New Delhi, Toronto, Melbourne, Jerusalem, Varanasi, Los Angeles and Dubai. These city-convergences have greatly supported the building of a global network of peace-builders, change-makers, evolutionary leaders and civil society organizations dedicated to working for unity, ecological harmony, global transformation and peace. The Tokyo Convergence will be the crowning event, bringing together local and international spiritual communities, NGOs, indigenous leaders and global change-makers, across two days for networking, forging strategic alliances and forward mapping of our collective efforts for peace and unity, at this most-critical juncture in world history.

At around 4pm on the 17th, we will make our way to Mt Fuji traveling by buses.

*Breakfast is included on all three days in Tokyo


Mt Fuji, “Fields of Healing”

September 17-20, 2024
Our three nights at the foot of Mt Fuji represent the spiritual high-point of our journey. The accommodation for the three nights is reserved at the Highland Resort Hotel & Spa ( The daily activities are planned at the Fuji Sanctuary (headquarters of Byakko Shinko Kai), which is 45 minutes from the Highland Resort. Guest will be taken by buses to the Fuji Sanctuary every morning. The days at the foot of Mt Fuji will be filled with sacred music, walks in nature, ceremonies, silent meditations, reflection and prayer. This pilgrimage to the sacred heart of Japan, Mt Fuji promises to be replenishing and revitalizing, to nourish all the group for the important work ahead in the sacred missions we are all called to serve.

*Breakfast, lunch and most dinners are included at Mt Fuji.

The morning of the 20th, we’ll travel to Hiroshima by bullet train.

Hiroshima Peace Park

Hiroshima Peace Day Concert & Global Broadcast

September 20-22, 2024
The climax of the journey is the Peace Day live events in Hiroshima. Peace concerts on the Saturday night September 21 (UN International Day of Peace) will be followed by Sunday morning events, and both will form part of the Peace Day Global Broadcast. Featuring both local and international musicians and powerful voices from all over the world this broadcast event rooted in Hiroshima will be a “bell for peace heard ringing around the world”.

*Hotel at Hiroshima is Rihga Royal Hotel –

The program will conclude at around 2pm on 22 September. Guests will make their own arrangement to fly out of Hiroshima and back home.
*Breakfast included throughout our stay in Hiroshima and farewell lunch on the 22 September

Download the Itinerary

Travel Packages

There are two packages available, you can have your own room or you can share either a twin or double room!
Japan-SINGLE ROOM-Package V2
Japan-Double-Twin-Share-Package V2


Peace Week 2024 :Land Of The Rising Sun is organized by UNITY EARTH with funding from Purpose Earth in collaboration with Byakko Shinko Kai, May Peace Prevail On Earth International, Goi Peace Foundation, World Weavers, Holomovement, Hubcast Media and Peace Culture Village.
Purpose Earth logo

Purpose Earth

provides grants and mentorship programs to purpose-driven people and grassroots projects applying creative solutions to the critical issues of our time. The three Purpose Pillars of Environmental Protection, Community Activation and Cultural Collaboration create the framework of Purpose Earth’s grant and mentorship program. Each pillar represents an essential pathway toward global transformation.

May Peace Prevail on Earth Logo

May Peace Prevail On Earth

A grassroots global movement to inspire, and re-awaken the inherent consciousness of love, peace and harmony which exists in everyone of us. It is a movement to bring inner peace of mind and to foster peace in the world at large.

Byakko Shinko Kai Logo

Byakko Shinko Kai

An international grassroots organization founded to further the vision for world peace through prayer, introduced in the 1950s by Japanese philosopher and spiritual leader Masahisa Goi. Byakko Shinko Kai is dedicated to world peace and the elevation of humanity’s consciousness through easily accessible spiritual principles.

Goi Peace Foundation Logo

The Goi Peace Foundation

A public benefit organization supported by members around the world working together to create a culture of peace. Their mission is to foster a sustainable and harmonious global society by promoting consciousness, values and wisdom for creating peace, and building cooperation among individuals and organizations across diverse fields, including education, science, culture and the arts.

Holomovement Logo

The Holomovement

a social movement that awakens us to our interconnectedness, igniting a critical mass of collaborative action serving the good of the whole.
Guided by science and spirituality, this unifying movement is catalyzing a massive shift in human consciousness.

World Weavers Logo

World Weavers: Adventures of the Spirit

A spiritual tourism organisation with programs designed to provide opportunities for those that seek a deep spiritual connection and access to ancient culture and traditions. Through making spiritual experiences accessible to individuals, World Weavers paves the way for people to come together as one human family beyond the boundaries of race and religion.

Peace Culture Village Logo

Peace Culture Village

facilitates encounters and creates spaces for people to hone their own visions of a peaceful world. Their educational and experiential programs promote open exploration and personal discovery, creating opportunities for peace culture to emerge from each one of us. The definition and impact of peace culture evolves with each new perspective, each new “peace” added to the puzzle.

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Hubcast Media International

An innovative global media production and broadcasting company. Committed to connecting content creators with consumers from around the globe, Hubcast sets the foundation to inspire the world to co-create and collaborate celebrating our global community through content.