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World Weavers in partnership with Spiti Ecosphere is thrilled to bring you the ground-breaking Monk for a Month - Tibetan Tradition, 21-day spiritual adventure.

World Weavers in partnership with locally owned and operated TEX, is thrilled to bring you the ground-breaking Ethiopia - Rasta Roots Spiritual Experience

The tour is set up to explore the spiritual and cultural heritage of the Rastafari movement in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is an important country for Rastafarians, it is the birthplace of His Majesty Haile Selassie I and up to today it carries its spiritual and cultural legacy. Local Rastafari guides will lead travellers along different places that are meaningful for the Rastafari movement and offer explanations from historical and contemporary context.

World Weavers in Partnership with local responsible tour-operator Ayana Journeys is thrilled to bring you Monk for a Month Cambodia - Journey Through Time.

Against a backdrop of verdant rice fields, swaying palm trees, and tinkling pagoda music, we have developed an enriching 13 day program for those ready to explore new teachings, stretch preconceptions, deepen spiritual practices, and indeed 'empty their cup'.

The World Weavers Team is thrilled to bring you the ground-breaking Mystic Express, A Pilgrimage Through India's Spiritual Tapestry Program

For dreamers and soul seekers who feel called to India, this trip is for you.

Since time immemorial, pilgrims have traveled the Indian mystical landscape in search of a Higher Truth. Still today, many soul searchers come to India looking for growth and transformation but question where to begin the process. This trip is designed to explore India through an inter-spiritual dimension and context, delving deep into various traditions with rich historical contexts in India.  This is a pilgrimage into not one tradition but into many paths such as: Islam, Baha’i, Vaishnava and other expressions of Hinduism, Buddhist,  Sikh, Sufi and more-- truly an “Adventure of the Spirit”.

World Weavers in partnership with locally owned and operated TEX, is thrilled to bring you the ground-breaking U DAY II: Land of Origins.

U DAY Festival is a global spiritual music festival celebrating human unity across all cultures, creeds, colours and countries. Bringing together musicians, artist, spiritual leaders, visionaries and peace activists, U DAY is a flagship event of growing prominence promoting a message of positivity, intercultural celebration and inter-faith harmony.

Be on the journey with Team U DAY, the Artists and Spiritual Leaders, beginning with a spiritual city tour of Addis Ababa with the whole U DAY community. Get full and special access to all the events and community activities in Addis Ababa and Shashamane. Enjoy a restful visit to Lake Awassa on the way back to Addis Ababa.


World Weavers is excited to bring back our ground-breaking program, Monk for a Month - Thai Temple Life, Vipassana Meditation Retreat.

After the two successful U Day Festivals, Thailand 2012 and Ethiopia 2018, we're bringing U Day celebration to India in November 2019!