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Welcome to the World Weavers Spiritual Adventure Tourism Blog. Keep up to date with all the news, upcoming events, on the Spiritual Adventures and Humanitarian Aid we support throughout the globe.
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World Weavers: Adventures of the Spirit!

World Weavers: Adventures of the Spirit!
 Welcome to our new World Weavers site! We are very enthusiastic to share with you more information about the projects and travel opportunities flourishing across the globe with our organisation. We will be blogging about what we have been up to regularly and we are looking forward to sharing with you more about World Weavers as time progresses!

World Weavers was first established by Ben Bowler and his wife, Jildou Brouwer, during their travels in Thailand. During this time, both Ben and Jildou volunteered with a local Buddhist monastery on the Thai- Burmese border as English teachers. Ultimately, Ben and Jildou discovered the potential to assist migrant communities in the region through the medium of tourism. Ben and Jildou worked with the local Abbott from the Buddhist monastery to invite travellers from around the world to experience the lifestyle of the Buddhist Monks in Thailand, whilst making an impactful difference in the community. This is how the "Monk for a Month" program was born, and it has evolved since to offer our unique "adventures of the spirit" for travellers seeking a profound journey, both into the world of which they are a part, and also a journey into themselves.

 So what exactly is an "Adventure of the Spirit" also known as "Spiritual Tourism", you might ask? Well, the answer is unique unto each and every individual traveller as we recognise that everyone is on their own journey in life. These adventures are chiefly aimed at not only helping you see the world, but also seeing yourself through a new perspective. Our trips are different from the average tour in that we invite our guests to open their minds and their hearts to these ancient but very deep cultural traditions by immersing themselves into spiritual traditions such as Tibetan and Theravada Buddhism, Rastafarianism, Hinduism and new programs in the future. These are amazing opportunities to travel to places that are not only historically unique, but also spiritually deep. We try to facilitate as much learning and growth for travellers by working with the local (host) community, and keeping the group numbers small. We also offer facilitation for group members to learn and take away as much as possible from the experience.

 Today, World Weavers encompasses all of our projects, such as our Monk for a Month cultural and spiritual immersion tours, as well as VolNepal foundation which is a charitable organisation giving aid to Nepal post- earthquake and much, much more! We are currently offering "Monk for a Month" programs in beautiful and historic Spiti Valley, India, Nepal, Cambodia. As time progresses we will be adding more spiritual adventures, so definitely stay tuned.

 In the future, we will share with you more information about the unique insights of past travellers, as well as more information about what we are up to in the world of spiritual tourism.

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Melbourne VIC, Australia

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Eden Brownlee on Wednesday, 23 December 2015 20:54

This is a nice and awesome blog Thank you for sharing Spiritual Tour Packages

This is a nice and awesome blog Thank you for sharing Spiritual Tour Packages
Guest - freakouts on Thursday, 25 February 2016 22:23

this blog contains excellent's very helpful to me..adventure events near Hyderabad

this blog contains excellent's very helpful to me..adventure events near Hyderabad
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