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Welcome to the World Weavers Spiritual Adventure Tourism Blog. Keep up to date with all the news, upcoming events, on the Spiritual Adventures and Humanitarian Aid we support throughout the globe.

Katie Benge studied Development Studies and Religious Studies at Victoria University of Wellington. She has always been passionate about making the world a better and kinder place and is on a constant journey of refining how she can do this work as deeply and effectively as possible. This has led Katie into the field of facilitating empowering group experiences for people looking to connect with themselves, each other, and with living a meaningful and engaged life. Katie has been working with Ben Bowler and his wife, Jildou, since meeting them on the Thai-Burma border in 2008 where they were running Blood Foundation, a small education based NGO for Burmese refugees and ethnic minorities. She has facilitated World Weavers spiritual travel programs in India, Nepal and Cambodia.

Ethical Tourism through Spreading Tolerance & Cultural Understanding

Ethical Tourism through Spreading Tolerance & Cultural Understanding
World Weavers cares about diversity. World Weavers is founded upon principles which in essence say, ‘Celebrating, upholding, treasuring, understanding and learning from diverse cultures is key in overcoming some of the greatest challenges faced by humanity and the planet today’. Embedded in the world’s ancient cultures and spiritual traditions are ...
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