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Welcome to the World Weavers Spiritual Adventure Tourism Blog. Keep up to date with all the news, upcoming events, on the Spiritual Adventures and Humanitarian Aid we support throughout the globe.

Hana Bowers is originally from Des Moines , Iowa. She lived and studied in Hawaii for 5 years at the University of Hawaii at Manoa,  and also studied in Paris France at the Sorbonne. Her love for travel brought her to Melbourne to pursue a Masters in International Sustainable Tourism Management at Monash. Here, she discovered the growing spiritual tourism industry which she connected with deeply as a long time spiritual seeker, health enthusiast and yoga lover. She researched the growth of the yoga tourism industry  in India at the Govardhan Eco Village in Maharashtra. Currently Bowers is working with World Weavers to further understand the spiritual tourism industry and to further understand what brings people from all walks of life on spiritual trips to locations like India, Nepal and Cambodia.

Spiritual Tourism: Is it the “Nouveau Pilgrimage”, or Something Different?

Spiritual Tourism: Is it the “Nouveau Pilgrimage”, or Something Different?
The reasons for travel are limitless. One of the oldest, yet most celebrated and practised reasons to leave home and take a trip has been a religious pilgrimage. Be it to Hajj in Mecca, Mother Ganga in India, or the Baha’i Gardens of Israel, seekers of something “divine”, or higher than themselves, have been endeavouring to reach faraway lands for ...
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World Weavers: Adventures of the Spirit!

World Weavers: Adventures of the Spirit!
 Welcome to our new World Weavers site! We are very enthusiastic to share with you more information about the projects and travel opportunities flourishing across the globe with our organisation. We will be blogging about what we have been up to regularly and we are looking forward to sharing with you more about World Weavers as time progresse...
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