World Weavers is an Ethical Community - Based Tourism provider focused on supporting local communities while promoting tolerance & cultural understanding... click here for more information


Our Mission is to mobilise human potential for transformation and the building of a better world. We utilise ethically developed spiritual tours to promote and fund positive social change throughout the globe.

Ben Bowler

CEO of World Weavers

World Weavers

is a social enterprise with a mission to mobilise human potential for transformation and the building of a better world.

Our work covers areas such as development, activism, educational travel, cultural exchange as well as personal and spiritual development. Our programs are designed to unite and inspire people by expanding awareness and building bridges of understanding.

We believe that we can change the world. We can reach out across cultural divisions in order to better understand one another. We can work towards improving the lives of the poor and oppressed. We can be ‘part of the solution’ for the many challenges we face and we can all help to evolve our communities and our planet.

We are excited about dialogue between cultures and cooperation between different faiths. We encourage all peace building initiatives that strive to bring people closer together. We see that spirituality and religion, often such divisive forces in history, are proving they also have the power to heal and unite.

We believe in the power of people. We believe in the power of great ideas in service to worthy ideals. We want others to see that change is possible; that we can engage reality to change “the way things are”. We want to develop ourselves as we develop the world – and have a marvelous adventure in the process.

We’re excited to be building a better world together, one thread at a time. We hope you’ll join us.



Understanding, acknowledging and celebrating our underlying unity as human beings is central to World Weavers philosophy. We aim to create environments where people from different parts of the world can come together and deeply appreciate our diversity on an individual level and on a cultural and international scale. We aim to identify and understand the strength and bonds that bind us across cultural and religious differences. We believe the power of uniting.


In coming together in group environments, we seek to create an environment in which we can inspire one another to bring out the best of ourselves. We ask the questions of “what is it that brings you to life?”, and explore how we might allow the answers that emerge to feature more in our lives and our work.

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."
-    Howard Thurman


What is the purpose of coming together and inspiring the best in one another if we do not then seek to engage in the world in a positive way? We look at how one’s passions and life-giving activities could be used in an engaged way, in service to the earth, to humanity, and to all of life. We encourage people to identify steps they could take in their own lives, in the life of their family and communities to work for positive transformation through engaging in life-giving activities.


Develop is the natural next step in the process of uniting, inspiring and engaging. We seek to foster development or what could be described as positive change in the world through contact with World Weavers programs and community. We work closely with humanitarian and environmental organisations and seek to support them through social enterprise and fundraising. The aim of our programs is to get people plugged into positive change work be it on an individual level, a local level, or a global level.

Our Team

Ben Bowler
Ben Bowler
CEO and Founder

Ben Bowler is a serial entrepreneur with a background in sales and marketing. In 2006 he and his wife Jildou moved to Thailand to volunteer along the Thai-Burma border.  In 2008 together they founded Blood Foundation, a local NGO focusing on education projects along the border and advocacy. In 2008 Ben founded the innovative Monk for a Month temple-stay program in Chiang Mai province offering men and women from around the world the opportunity to experience Thai temple life and temporary ordination. In 2010 Ben launched Muslim for a Month in Turkey offering guests first-hand experience of Turkish Islam and Sufism, underneath the spiritually inclusive banner of Rumi. In 2011 Ben launched World Weavers, a brand that today operates spiritual immersion programs in Tibetan India, Nepal, Cambodia and Ethiopia.  In October 2015 at the Parliament of World' Religions Ben launched, an online platform aimed at countering religious fundamentalism, relativism and western materialism.

Ben is a Social-Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the prestigious INSEAD business School and a blogger for the Huffington Post.  In his spare time he sells the world's best cookware and enjoys playing cricket with his two young children.

Eden Brownlee
Eden Brownlee
Marketing Director

Eden Brownlee is the Marketing Director for World Weavers. He has successfully launched and runs 3 of his own companies focussed on Web Development, Online Marketing and Software Development. His latest endeavour is Marketing Rocket, a Marketing Software designed as an all in one tool for online marketing that installs right onto your web host.

He is a Certified Digital Marketer having completed numerous advanced Marketing Courses, with a passion for Spritual Tourism and Humanitarian Aid, and Not for Profit projects that engage and inspire others to help make the world a better place.

Katie Benge
Katie Benge
Program Development and Facilitation

Katie Benge studied Development Studies and Religious Studies at Victoria University of Wellington. She has always been passionate about making the world a better and kinder place and is on a constant journey of refining how she can do this work as deeply and effectively as possible. This has led Katie into the field of facilitating empowering group experiences for people looking to connect with themselves, each other, and with living a meaningful and engaged life. Katie has been working with Ben Bowler and his wife, Jildou, since meeting them on the Thai-Burma border in 2008 where they were running Blood Foundation, a small education based NGO for Burmese refugees and ethnic minorities. She has facilitated World Weavers spiritual travel programs in India, Nepal and Cambodia.

Hana Bowers
Hana Bowers
Program Development

Hana Bowers is originally from Des Moines , Iowa. She lived and studied in Hawaii for 5 years at the University of Hawaii at Manoa,  and also studied in Paris France at the Sorbonne. Her love for travel brought her to Melbourne to pursue a Masters in International Sustainable Tourism Management at Monash. Here, she discovered the growing spiritual tourism industry which she connected with deeply as a long time spiritual seeker, health enthusiast and yoga lover. She researched the growth of the yoga tourism industry  in India at the Govardhan Eco Village in Maharashtra. Currently Bowers is working with World Weavers to further understand the spiritual tourism industry and to further understand what brings people from all walks of life on spiritual trips to locations like India, Nepal and Cambodia

Bryce Lambert
Bryce Lambert
Program Facilitator

Bryce Lambert is a Sustainable Landscape Designer, Humanitarian worker and a Program Facilitator for World Weavers in Nepal. He was on the Pioneering Program for Monk for a Month program in Nepal and was  still in the country when the devastating Earthquake hit on April 25, 2015.

Bryce has a passion for Humanitarian work, facilitation of personal development and spiritual growth, and was one of the first students enrolled into the Bachelor of Humanitarian & Development Studies from the Western Sydney University in Australia in 2016.