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Live and Learn from Monks

A unique Spritual and Academic Journey exploring Theravada Buddhism in Cambodia. Learn More

Nepalese Spiritual Adventure

The Genesis of Buddhism. A Spritual Adventure in the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal. Learn More

A Tibetian Spritual Adventure

A Spiritual Adventure in the majestic, isolated region of Spiti Valley, in northern India. Learn More

An Exciting Opportunity for Spiritual Insight

Explore and experience new insights through discovering Rastafari Sprituality. Learn More



  • Small group sizes ensures deep and authentic experience of local culture without negatively impacting host communities and cultures.
  • Facilitated groups helping you connect with others and expand your understanding in the context of spirituality and growth.
  • Local tour operators and guides ensures intimate knowledge of landscape, history, culture and customs
  • Immersion into local culture, partake in teachings and practices and develop an experiential understanding of culture and tradition.


Spiritual Traditions

  • Immersion into the teachings and practices of spiritual traditions in order to gain deep understanding and benefits for personal and spiritual growth.
  • Engage in dialogue with group to deeply consider teachings and practices of spiritual tradition
  • Have the opportunity to learn from teachers who have grown up in spiritual tradition and devoted their lives to living deeply within the tradition.
  • Discover the diversity of spiritual traditions and how they live in different parts of the world.



  • Take the time to deeply engage in personal and spiritual learning and growth in order to live happier and more meaningful lives.
  • Deep cultural exchange between host culture and your own culture. What are our shared learnings and practices, how are we connected even when a common language is not present.
  • Engage deeply with fellow group members as you look out for one another, inspire one another and connect with one another, thereby learning more about yourself and others in the process.


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Our Mission is to mobilise human potential for transformation and the building of a better world. We utilise ethically developed spiritual tours to promote and fund positive social change throughout the globe.

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Program Reviews

Cong Huynh

My experience in nepal with monk for a month was life changing. We visited amazing places like The Great Stupa of Boudhanth which is one of the most important places of pilgrimage for the Buddhist. We also visited the spiritual

Lisa Gatt

I loved monk for a month! I met the most amazing like minded spiritual people. It opened my mind up to a whole new world, I highly recommend it :)

Lisa M

The Monk for a Month program was a tour with difference. The highlight for me was spending 10 days in a Monastery - loved the Buddhism teachings and improving my meditation skills. The second highlight was the wonderful people